Thursday, June 6, 2013

That sense of accomplishment... (and of relief!)

So I have been away on a few holidays lately.  Two short and a long adventurous one. Which is good, I love travelling and I have had a fantastic time. I’ll take time to tell you more about it some time...

Problem is when going away at length like that, is that all the things that have been started accumulate and just sit there, remain unfinished, on and on and on... And if that wasn’t bad enough I also had to start yet a new project upon my leaving to Africa (that’s the long adventure), because I wanted something small and easy to knit on the train and plane and during airport layovers... It actually helped a great deal keeping myself entertained so great idea there.  But now it’s just sitting along with the other bulkier or more complicated works I have ongoing... Gnnnnn...

I came back to real life and made an executive decision. Time to finish and not start things! Even if my head is overflowing with creativity. I shall be strong and resist temptation to cast on any new stitch what-so-ever!!!
I’m now proud to announce that I have finally finished the cropped jumper started over a month ago maybe two even. I appreciate it is by far the easiest project of the lot, but hey ho you’ve got to give yourself motivation one way or another. And I am well chuffed with this new garment of mine, as much for the sense of achievement as for the fact that it looks pretty cool!

The pattern, Fern, is from the book More Knitting in the Sun. I can still fit a 12 years old size top! Let’s have a bit of cake now...

detail of stitches worked

Onwards now to resume some colour work knitting and to finish these godforsaken Hawaiian shorts... And onwards to introduce mohair to my stash... Wait! What? “New wool”, “starting” something??? Oh well, I have a good reason for that. Other than I am weak faced with crafty inspiration...


  1. Good on you for finishing a great project. So much more disciplibed than I am with my sewing... I have 3 projects cut out on the go and fabric for dozens more bought!

  2. I'm not sure about being disciplined really... I have a whole crate of ongoing projects! And that's just for the knitting!