Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pine Bough Cowl # 2

And I am back from holidays... For now anyway!
A few days away in Nice, where the sun has not been shining that much actually... But no matter I am not here to talk vacation, am I?

postcard from the Riviera!

I took my Pine Bough Cowl project with me to work on while on the road, aiming to finish it by the time I got back to the UK. And I guess I would have, if I hadn’t had so many obstacles in my way! It has been quite the trial of patience, let me you...

First, and mainly, my needle broke!

It started to split on my train ride to the airport. Not cool! I was counting on that journey to do a fair bit of the knitting... I fixed the problem à la MacGyver when I got to Nice, and got my hands on some thermal retractable sheath (got that wee trick from an old musician flatmate of mine who used to repair his jacks and cables with this stuff), and it did the trick until one of the needle's end completely detached! Even less cool!!! That was time for some proper surgery. Cut, snip, re-sheath, I got myself a needle that just about last me until I got back to my house. When I switched needles, I saw that the other end was starting to split as well... Oh dear, it was well overdue time to be reunited with all my knitting equipment... 

And if this wasn't enough, I also at times didn’t carry enough yarn when taking the project to knit on the go...

But, eventually, I did complete that God forsaken cowl! (Sorry Dianna, I did enjoy knitting your design, and I do love to wear it now, but quite honestly I am glad I am done with it and its lot of troubles...) And with these few drawbacks I did so by the end of the month too, my own self inflicted schedule! So all in all, success!!!

Shaun modelling the Pine Bough Cowl

Time to move on to other knits now...


  1. Love how it came out! The colors are lovely. xx

  2. Thanks Dianna! I am truly loving wearing it. And I do wear it, even though we are now in April and it should be spring!?!?