Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is Jean Luc Picard, of the USS Entreprise...

Equation for a quick birthday gift, for a sci-fi geek : left over wool + Star Trek fan + technology obsessed = Star Trek pyjama-like knitted phone cover.
The knitting bit was really easy. After all, these Star Alliance uniform aren’t the trickiest to convert into..., well into anything really!... So here, no rocket science involved (poor pun intended).
The phone I’ve made this cover for is a Galaxy model (that one pun isn’t intended though!), but I’m hoping to work out measurements to fit an iPhone/iPod soon, and maybe tablets too... And in other colours than that of the Star Trek Next Generation Commander’s red.

Patrick Stewart, as Commander Jean Luc Picard

Using DK wool from the stash and 3mm straight needles (you can easily translate to double pointed needles I’m sure)
Cast on 24 stitches, using black wool.
Work 2 rows on 2x2 ribs.
Knit 8 rows in stockinette stitch.
Switch to the red wool, and continue in stockinette stitch until the piece measures 27cm from cast on edge.
Switch to black wool, work another 8 rows, and 2 rows in 2X2 ribs.
Cast off. Join sides using mattress stitch. Block.

Like I said, this is the easy bit. To transform this random block of colour into a Commander Jean-Luc Picard’s uniform, I needed to add a few things that are Next Generation specifics. It’s all about the details you know!... To start with, the insignia, the communicator badge for those in the know (that won’t be me by the way!). Using felt sheets and some random silver and gold paint, I managed to do just that in a way that it’s isn’t too bulky and also it is easy to sew it on and/or glue on the cover itself.
Also, another Trekkie I know suggested that I should add the 4 gold “dots” on the top of the black bit, as they are the mark of the rank of Commander Picard. I think. Well, whatever they are, they served me well as I hid a button in, or more like underneath, one of them; creating therefore a wee closing system for the phone cover. 

communicator badge in the making

finished product

Et voilĂ !!! (Commander Picard is French, isn’t he?...)

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