Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pine Bough Cowl

Sometimes, it is good to knit someone else’s design. Especially so when that someone else is a friend who is trying to build a career and a living out of knitting. And who is crazy talented, providing a beautiful and original fair isle pattern!

When my friend Dianna Potter released this pattern, I immediately adored it! And I set myself to work on this project, quick.

A funny thing happened when I went to buy the wool. I have over the past few months used a lot of cold colours in my projects, a lot of blues and greens and greys. So for this one I just wanted some warmer tones, some yellows and oranges with a nice shade of fuchsia or brown for contrast. I spent an hour in the shop, choosing the colours for my “sweater for the neck”, as Dianna calls it. And as you can tell from the picture below, I didn’t buy any of the tones I had in mind, but some green and blue yarns! Unbelievable! What had happened there? Where and how did I lose track of my original plan?

And then a day or two later, I realise that I have lost one of the blue yarns. Dilemma! Do I get another ball of blue, risking ending up with wool from different dye lots?  Or... Or!!! Do I choose a second contrast colour?...
Aaaah, I think this last idea is a good one, and that the white is quite matching with the main green and make the contrast blue stand out a little more too. No?

I am now halfway through this knit, and I’m loving it. However I’m keeping the last 50% for next week when I’ll be flying to France for a few days; it will make a perfect holiday project. Expect to see the end result at the end of the month!
Find the free pattern for the cowl here, and also check out Dianna’s designer’s profile on Ravelry or find her on the Paper Tiger blog (from my blog roll on the right of your screen).

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