Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there wasn't any princess, who wasn't living in a land far far away.
There was me, Sylvie. Born and raised in southern France (which actually is sort of a far far away land, depending where you're reading this post from...), and I've always been surrounded by knits and wool and needles thanks my Mum.
I am a child of the 80's, and in the 80's, fair isle seemed to be all the craze. Or at least my sister and I used to wear quite a few fair isle and intarsia jumpers then, so it was the craze in our household at any rate.

showing some Mummy love, wearing my favorite fair isle jumper she knitted

Funnily enough I never got into knitting when I was a kid, but somehow the failed attempts to learn to cast on and stitch and purl that I made then didn't go wasted when I decided, 2 years or so ago and now living as an expat' in Edinburgh, to pick up the needles again. Success!!!
Quickly I felt like I wanted to move on to beyond basic skills. So I went to a knitting class, and was taught by Vala how to knit fair isle (find her on Ravelry here)...

my first fair isle rounds

the end product of the fair isle class

And an obsession was born...
Obsession doesn't even start to describe it. I went to the class in late November, therefore quite a lot of of my friends ended up with fair isle hats in their Christmas stockings. And I just dived in in creating my own patterns. I went a little bit nuts over this, but I've made it to the schedule. But this, my friends, will be the subject of a future post. Or two.
Although I am far to have become the most skilled of knitters (always progressing!), my mind is buzzing with so many ideas of designs to turn into color charts that I just had to put it out there. Out there being this blog, on the world wide web, an entire world to share my crazy ideas with. What I aim is to share with you the charts and designs I am creating, without pretention. I'm doing it, the knitting and the blogging about it, because I'm having so much fun with it!!! And I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be having fun reading me and trying my crazy fair isle designs!
Until then, my fellow knitters...

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