Friday, March 22, 2013

Hawaiian trunks # 3

This week, I’m away on a little holiday to France. A well deserved break from the horrible winter weather,  catching up with my friends back home in Nice. But don’t you worry, I’ve been bringing my knitting with me! I have this Pine Bough Cowl to finish, remember? And how am I supposed to past the time in transports if not by doing some needle work!

And did you also think I would leave you without the latest updates on the Hawaiian Trunks designs?

The charts are now pretty much ready for me to start on the shorts as soon as I get back to Edinburgh. Well, I’ll need to get wool shopping first, but then I’ll get to the task to bring these crazy ideas to life! No more distractions! (Except perhaps inspiration for other projects... But that's ok.)

(Somehow my subconscious made me choose orange and brown pencils for the palm tree chart... Which, before I coloured the background with yellow, resulted in a striking resemblance to the logo of a certain coconut flavoured alcoholic beverage... Brain, are you trying to tell me something here???)

I'll be back in few days. Until then...

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